Specializing in: product liability, failure analysis, patent disputes and intellectual property. We have 25 years experience with glass, ceramics, plastics, wood and metals; 100 depositions & many court appearances.

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About Us Experience Expertise Laboratory Failure Analysis Contact Publications
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Read Process Expertise Services Available

Read Consulting offers expertise in a  variety of manufacturing processes


Aqueous cleaning processes.

Plasma Cleaning.  

 Abrasive Cleaning

Knowledge with respect to time, temperature, surfactants, pH,  and micelle concentration for the removal of oils and greases with aqueous detergent solutions.

Thin Film Processes



Device Manufacturing

Vacuum Coating (Sputtering, evaporation and ion plating)        

Roll Coating: (Liquid and thin film).                           

Thin film defect evaluation 


 25 Years of Experience

Equipment Design

Process Improvement

Squeegee and Doctor Blading

Microscopic Techniques

Light Scattering Techniques

Stress Testing

 Thick and Thin film Circuits  
Connector Design  
Photo Resist Imaging  
Dicing; LASER and Scribe and Break.  





Glass Grinding Polishing and Tempering

Glass Strengthening

Glass Etching